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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 10, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ponsored by 20th century fox and toyota. water problems in the wine country tonight after a break in the water delivery pipeline. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. don't use the water if not necessary. leaving 19,000 homes without pressure and brown colored water. amber lee is live with the
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problem and the fix. >> reporter: we're just off highway 29. behind me beyond these trees you can see a light and that's where workers are busy using heavy machinery to replace the water transmission line that sprung a leak late this afternoon. the water break happened around 3:19. residents experienced low water pressure in most cases. >> i couldn't take a shower. it was brown kind of, it reminded me of the earthquake when you got the brown water. >> reporter: the director of public works said crews were quickly able to shut the valve restoring water to people in about two hours. water officials say the water is safe but ask people to avoid using it until tomorrow morning. >> they've stopped the leak here, over the next several
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hours the system will repressurize. we think my morning the system will be back to normal >> reporter: for those who use the water, the water will initially be brown. but that residents should let the water return before they use it. pressurization in the weather may may have caused the leak. >> sometimes that's all it takes is the concrete water line, so a little bit of pressure shifting in the earth that's all that happens and you get a break. >> reporter: we checked out with the napa county creamery where the owners tell us there was no stop in service. back here live. we were told that the repair work could take four more hours. amber lee, ktvu news. new at 10:00, the ax fell tonight. 180 teachers are being laid off. ken wayne is live in concord where school board members cast
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their vote within the last 30 minutes or so. ken. >> reporter: the school board is still meeting right now but at 9:30 tonight on a 5-10 vote they made it official. it was hardly any surprise, but it did happen. the contra costa county's largest school board voted to eliminate 180 full time positions. it happened on a night when high school musicians and student leaders were honored for their achievemented. now s . now some of the students that helped these kids succeed find themselves on the chopping block. among those losing their jobs are two school principals. that brought out a group of latino parents who say their voices are not being heard. >> we want to emphasize, we're not agreement with your
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decision. you changed the principal. >> they're not here for the of it, they're here to be heard. >> reporter: they held a grade in to show that their jobs continue long after the school bell has rung. >> it's not an eight 8:00 to 5:00 job. it was really easy. you're going to do grading any way, might as well do it at the mall. >> reporter: contra costa is one of the biggest employer. they do say that hopefully with some changes in the works in sacramento and an improving economy perhaps they can hire most if not all those teachers back come this fall. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news.
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we have developing news from san jose where three people have been shot in a parking garage. it happened just before 9:00 tonight at the tenth street garage. campus police tell us one of the three people shot was the shooter and that he is now in custody. san jose police are assisting campus police and we do have akey crew on crew on the way to the scene and we'll get you more information when we get it. >> and 139 teachers and 13 administrators will get pink slips. san francisco has cut $1 million from it budget this year and last. they say funding cuts to california schools are so deep they institute a state of emergency. >> we rank almost 50th in every category among the 50 states, we have the largest class sizes
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in the nation. we have the fewer school administrators per student. when i was a kid in california, we ranked fifth. >> during past three years, public education has endured 60% of the cuts. the cost of attending a state university in california could be going up again. today csu president charles reed said all of the fat has already been trimmed and in the event of an all cut state budget he will ask trustees to raise tuition 32% or about $1,600 a year. that would bring csu tuition to $6,500 per year. trustees already approved a 10% increase last november. there is a new development tonight in the oscar grant case. a judge ruled today that a civil lawsuit seeking $50 million in damages can proceed to trial. grant's mother filed the suit along with the young man who were with grant the night he
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died. a lawsuit names the five b.a.r.t. police officers who were on the scene when officer mehserle shot and killed grant. the judge today dismissed claims that b.a.r.t. failed to properly train its officers on excessive force. but the attorney of grant's mother says b.a.r.t. can still be responsible for charges. mehserle was found guilty last year of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to two years in prison. with credit for time served, mehserle is expected to be released after 10 months behind bars. the family of a san jose family says they think they know what led to the double homicide. the men were asked to leave a party early saturday morning. then one came back with a gun.
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the 30-year-old velasco and 30- year-old joe ledbetter was shot and killed. another person was wounded. stan jose police have not reported a motive. edward ramos is accused of killing tony balognia and two of his sons matthew and michael in june of 2008. police say ramos may have mistaken them for rival gang members. jury selection is expected to begin on june 6th. ramos had claimed it was another person who was the actual shooter. if convicted he faces life in prison without parol. the sister of an alameda girl is asking help for the public for finding her missing daughter. her father says she is recently been treated for depression. amy is described as 5'5" tall with blue eyes and died red hair. alameda police say if you have any information about this case, please contact them. flags flew at flagstaff in
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san carlos today after the city's mayor died suddenly this morning. as ktvu's jana katsuyama reports, he was just 46 years old and had prided at a council meeting. >> reporter: colleagues say omar ahmad was in good spirits and working hard. but this morning they learned ahmad had called 911 at about 7:00 in the morning today and died shortly after. >> we haven't had a chance to process this. >> reporter: his roots were in silican valley as a well known engineer and online tech entrepreneur as napster, discovery channel and several start ups. that san carlos, flags were lowered to half staff and people came with flowers.
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>> none of us were prepared for it. >> he inspired activism. wherever he went he knew people and talked about the possibilities of things. >> reporter: today on ahmad's facebook page a long list of people listed condolences. and remembered ahmad as a leader. ahmad is survived by his parents and a star. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. san francisco supervisors took a definitive step today toward reducing the amount of wasted paper from people throwing out their phone books.
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supervisors approved a move to forbid phone books from being left on doorsteps. the proposal could be a moneymaker, b.a.r.t. could receive millions from an advertising company for displaying commercials. the b.a.r.t. board is expected to take up the measure this thursday. the fog is moving in quickly tonight, lots of fog moving in around the bay. temperatures are going to start dropping here and even a chance of rain in the long range forecast. i will she show you when that can happen. a man is killed when his truck stalled on the freeway. and the circumstances really upset his friends. some call him a hero for jumping into action on board a passenger jet. what made this retired police officer choke up today.
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we're learning more tonight about a man killed in a horrifying accident. the victim had pulled over on the side of the road and lloyd lacuesta tells us what happened next. >> reporter: news chopper two was over the scene shortly after 7:00 this morning. the driver of the dodge pickup had experienced mechanical problems and had pulled over to the shoulder. he was standing in front of the truck when a car rear ended him. he died at the scene. the driver of the toyota seemed
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to have psychological issues. >> he was -- he apparently had difficulties that caused him to leave his home. >> reporter: 18-year-old theodore lean is under psychological watch tonight. his family had reported him missing and suicidal. friends of the man killed, jose herr era are upset. >> i was wrong, if you want to do something like that you should -- not hit somebody else. >> reporter: herr era was a regular at the alianga in san jose. he was a leader and worked in construction. he was marry with a son and a daughter. >> he was very involved with the portuguese community. he cared about his kids a lot. >> that was lloyd lacuesta reporting. investigators are trying to determine if vehicle manslaughter charges will be filed as a result of that
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death. the highway patrol is also investigating an accident that killed a 4-year-old on a bike. it happened about 12:30 this afternoon at a home vineyard off enterprise road south of santa rosa. the chp says the boy was riding down a hill when he veered into the path of a truck being driven by his uncle. investigators say it does not appear that drugs or alcohol were a factor. medics took the boy to the hospital but doctors were not able to save him. a presbyterian church tonight is the latest church to allow gays to become deacons. the presbyterian church has about 2 million members. the change approved tonight does not mean all presbyterian churches are compelled to ordain gay candidates, rather so they may do so if they wish. another situation on board a plane. this time it was a passenger
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trying to open a door mid- flight. an off duty police officer on board managed to subdue the man. the plane continued on to boston where the passenger was arrested. he is now facing charges of interfering with a flight crew. it's still not clear why that passenger tried to open the door. a federal judge in san francisco today denied bail for the man who triggered a security scare on a san francisco flight on sunday night. the prosecutor argued that almarisi is a danger to the community and a flight risk. she noted he was carrying only a small amount of money, had no luggage or cell phone and that his relatives didn't even know he was coming. >> witness accounts seem to be pretty uniform that this man tried to force his way into an airplane cockpit. you don't have to be a muslim or anything else to commit that felony. >> he shouted god is great in arabic during the incident. while that phase has been used
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by terrorists, we should point out that many devout muslims say ala akbar to praise god. and ktvu's rob roth tells us how the man's training and instincts helped him subdue amarisi. >> reporter: wright was a police officer for 27 years and this afternoon he did not mince words about almarisi, the passenger he helped from ramming a door. >> i thought he was trying to take on if flight crew and possibly crash the airplane. >> reporter: wright says he was flying home from chicago when a passenger ran by him. >> he yelled out ala akbar. from my training experience in san mateo police department, i knew there might be a problem and there could be a possible threat. >> reporter: wright says he followed the man and saw four or five other passengers getting ahold of him.
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these are snapshots taken from on board the airplane. >> when i touched him, my hand actually slipped off because his skin was very clammy, moist. >> reporter: wright says he placed handcuffs on amarisis's hands and sat on him for the rest of the flight. >> i felt that as a citizen of the united states, i had to do what i had to do. >> reporter: wright held up a shirt given to him on 9/11 and became emotional. >> an i swore to myself that i would never be a victim. >> reporter: at san francisco international airport, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. and we have posted more of larry wright's news conference on our website. you will find it right on the bay area news tab. al-qaida sent a message today on the internet saying the u.s. killing of osama bin laden was a big mistake. the group also called the killing at the compound in
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pakistan a serious sin. al-qaida said president obama is protected by armies but then asked, who will protect americans? and it urged muslims to use osama bin laden's death as a motivation to attack the united states. osama bin laden's long time deputy has been frequently mentioned as al-qaida's next leader. but the group may not replace osama bin laden and are questioning whether it will. because al-qaida is losing support due to the uprisings in the middle east that have given voice to people seeking democracy and they don't subscribe to osama bin laden's goal of a single religious state across the muslim world. the rising mississippi river roll into the mississippi delta today after cresting in memphis just short of the record. town after town are awash in dirty, muddy water. the water has carried trash and all kinds of things down the river including snakes. one man says he's just trying
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to stay one step ahead of the water. >> as long as i can get more than my feet wet, i just move over to the next floor and wait. when it gets there i move to the next one. >> reporter: volunteers took it upon themselves to help protect a home from flooding. the mississippi is expected to peak there saturday. and it's breezy out there and there's a big push of fog right now. here's a live picture from storm tracker 2. the wind gusting in the san francisco airport. today was nice, 70s, mid-70s, a little warmer than that in some places. temperatures tomorrow mostly upper 60s, low 70s because of this strong push of fog. overnight lows will be in the 40s, 46 in vallejo. when you weak up tomorrow morning didn't have a lot of
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fog this morning but tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. a lot of fog and low clouds. that's going to impact tomorrow's temperature. i'm back here at 8:35. we're going to talk about the forecast and we're going to look at the weekend deal it looks like it could be wet in your neighborhood. downtown concord could be the next place where smokers are not welcome. smokers are being banned from downtown. there's no date when the full council will take it up. a judge sets bail for a sheriff accused of driving drunk and hit and run. plus -- >> reporter: a huge fire forced dozens of homeless people out of a vacant building in vallejo, but the danger has not gone away. the new dangers found at other companies and what's being done about it. adults have been doing it
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for years. find out now how kids are lying about their age and how it could be placing them in danger. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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vallejo firefighters are dealing with a new problem tonight. eric rasmussen found out fire crews have been called to several other buildings where homeless people have set up camp. >> yes i believe that one thing burned over here. >> reporter: one man that goes by chicki tells us how close the fire came to home. he was one man that was living at the abandoned car dealership. we found new dangers at this new camp like a lighter in the
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grass, everyone a propane tank sitting in the sun. >> do you ever worry about your safety? >> we know this is going to keep going. it's not going to go away other night. >> reporter: the department has been called to two fires in the last week. >> candles, bbq. >> the fire department has started gps mapping of each homeless camp in vallejo. the next time there's a fire like this they will know if anybody is in the immediate area. >> they will call 911 and say this is where we're at. and it'll be better if we'll be able to find them. >> reporter: city leaders are talking about spending $8,000 to get homeless families out of these camps completely and into safer more permanent housing. in vallejo. >> a family appears court is
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ordering the department of veteran's affairs to over haul their claims systems. a judge in san francisco set bail at $1 million for a 23- year-old accused of driving drunk when he allegedly killed a man in a hit and run accident. jose jimenez seen here on the gurnie did not enter a plea during today's court appearance. police say james hudson was crossing the sonic on turk street when he was hit and killed. jimenez then fled from the scene then he hit two cars. jimenez is a sheriff's cadet. now there's call for police
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to take immediate action. currently under discussion is a proposal to add a median, replace on street parking with bike lanes. and reduce the number of lanes during peak times. there is another step in the process of trying to get back in a home. popping corks and moving forward. the big step some people are making in the san bruno explosion zone. and highway 50 is closing, we'll tell you why and for how long. we used to bet who could get closest to the edge. took some crazy risks as a kid. but i was still over the edge with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. 80% of people who have had heart attacks have high cholesterol. lipitor is a cholesterol lowering medication,
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we want to bring you an update on tonight's shooting. 10 people were shot. one of the wounded is the shooter and he is in custody
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right now. it happened shortly before 9:00. the san jose mercury news is reporting two people are believed to have been killed. people near by said they heard shots that sounded like fireworks. the ktvu crew should be arriving at that parking lot in a few moments. we will bring you the latest when we get it. millions of the facebook members are preteens and being on facebook could be putting them in danger. patti lee has the story. >> reporter: the playground is not cool enough anymore. and teenagers are lying about how old they are in order to connect with their friends on facebook. kids are learning how to defend
10:31 pm
themselves. here it's easy to recognize a predator. not so easily online. natalie joined facebook after her brother joined. neither are 18. maturity could not protect 1 million kids from cyber bullying. >> they're not ready to be on facebook. >> reporter: mom of two charlotte says she is worried about content and face profiles. something her 11-year-olds says his friends never mention. >> they talk about how much fun it is. >> reporter: doug lee says as long as parents monitor their kids account, allowing them to use facebook even though they are underage doesn't seem like that big a deal. >> it seems like every kid in their grades were doing the
10:32 pm
exact same thing. if anything i was probably the last parent to sign our kids up for facebook. >> reporter: consumer report says the most troubles part of their report is that 5 million facebook users are under the age of 10 and that the majority of their parents were largely unconcerned about that fact. live in mill valley, patti lee. there is no single solution to ensuring younger children don't sur circum circumvent the system or lie about their age, states facebook. microsoft is paying 100 million for skype. microsoft says it will combine skype with their game console and windows smart phones.
10:33 pm
>> talking to friends and colleagues around the world will be as seemless as talking to them across a kitchen table or conference room. >> microsoft says it plans to add advertising to skype to increase revenue. the deal is the largest acquisition deal for microsoft. general motors announced today it plans to invest $2 million in upgrading its plan. the auto maker says the spending will allow them to save $4,600. the company is waiting until finalizing tax deals with local governments before saying where those new jobs will be added. jackie spears says she is going to file a lawsuit against a company that is moving and is
10:34 pm
leaving their workers behind. vwr is moving. spears said vwr has been in brisbane for 50 years but was recently sold. >> you have a chicago hedge fund that wants to make another billion dollars. i'm not putting up with that. so i'm going to be on them, yes. >> the union representing vwr workers said the company is refusing to transfer employees. the move also means a big hit for brisbane losing $200 million a year in tax revenue. emotions ran high in san bruno today. a family became the first to break ground on rebuilding their home. ktvu sal castaneda tells us why it's a big step that's helping the entire community move forward. >> reporter: the henesl family celebrated with champane and a
10:35 pm
ceremony. >> this is a new beginning, we will make new memories. >> this is the first step in the process of getting back home. >> reporter: the couple was emotional talking about losing everything and rebuilding their home. >> it's emotional that after eight months we're going to start to rebuild. >> reporter: nancy hensel showed us what her house used to look like and keeps pictures of what was left after the fire. san bruno officials say about half the homeowners plan to rebuild. fred gillins home was damaged but not destroyed. he says having the hensels come back is a first step. >> it's slow, it's a slow process. >> reporter: some want to dedicate at least some of it to build a memorial for the eight who died. today's ground breaking for many is a sign that people are
10:36 pm
coming back. in san bruno, sal castaneda, ktvu news. on the hot seat, how google and apple are responding to tough questions from congress about your privacy. and tomorrow's complete forecast, it includes some cooling and in the long range includes a chance of rain. later in sports, shark fans on the edge of their seats tonight hoping to advance to the conference finals.
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no clear explanation yet as to why a san diego bus driver lost control of the bus today. no students were on the bus when the accident happened. the driver sideswiped a parked car then hit another car before crashing into a house. the driver was taken to the hospital complaining of minor aches and pains, no one else
10:39 pm
was hurt. the oakland base center for environmental health is suing to get lead out of aviation fuel. >> the future is our kids. if it's lead that's lead poisoning and that's not great for the kids. i have three here in livermore and something has to be done about that. >> reporter: new or small planes can use unleaded fuel, but older aircraft need the lead as an additive to help lubricate the engine. in libya, nato said it was a commands center in downtown tripoli that was destroyed. rebels claim the nato air strikes are helping them break a stalemate and make gains on
10:40 pm
gadhafi's forces. about a dozen afghans are training to become forces. the idea is to eventually allow afghans to take over. that would allow some american forces to come home. and in japan about 100 people put on white protective suits today so that they could return to their homes in the evacuation zone near the damaged fukushima plant. afterward they had to undergo exams for radiation contamination. executives from apple and google were on the hot seat today during a senate hearing. senator franken led off the meeting by saying he wants to find a balance between personal privacy and technological invasion. they detailed how smart phone users can turn off location
10:41 pm
sharing software. and an apple executive explained why it's important to know where their users are. >> our customers want and expect their mobile devices to determine their current locations for specific activities such as shopping, travel or finding the nearest restaurant. >> reporter: both google and apple assured lawmakers they're not abusing the information. google found a way to get into the music business without the okay of record labels. the company announced plans during a conference at the mosconi center today. the users will be able to up load music which will then be accessible on smart phones using google's android software. a major detour on the road to tahoe. and it's going to add an hour to your commute. what's being done on highway 50 and what's being added. and our chief meteorologist
10:42 pm
bill martin has the five day forecast.
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as of tomorrow, if you take highway 50 toward lake tahoe it'll take you an extra hour to get there. ken pritchett shows us where there will be a significant detour in place for the next two weeks. >> reporter: from this popular overview the view is as serene as ever if you can get over the noise. >> they are just old, they are worn out. >> reporter: to replace the original rock and mortar barriers built back in the 1930s, caltrans must close highway 50 for two weeks and
10:45 pm
make detours. >> we're told it'll take an extra hour to get to the lake. >> reporter: the old rock wall could not stop a car from crashing through, the new barrier well. the hole is to make room for this, a huge concrete slab that will be under the pavement attached to it a retaining wall that is shaped like rock and made of concrete. the safety upgrade and resulting detour will cost some business along highway 50. >> dead, probably very dead. >> reporter: langer works the deli, her boss expects to lose thousands. >> the message is lake tahoe is still open for business, you just have to find a different way to get there. >> reporter: ken pritchett, ktvu news. aberton police say they have extra police to keep
10:46 pm
thieves from breaking into cars. most of the cars were parked around el camino real. the thieves seem to be looking for electronics. hawaii and united airlines fared the best on arrival time. over all 79% of flights arrived on time. the house could vote on a proposal to open up areas on the mendecino court. environmentalists says the unlikely the pressure would win approval in the senate. california vineyards say they are seeing the market for their grapes improve. industry analysts say the grape market has been down since the
10:47 pm
recession. prices for some sonoma county grapes are increasing. and the fog is making a big push for your neighborhood right now. the fog is really increased. the winds have come up as well. we have fog shooting across the bay. strong winds out toward the bay bridge and out toward sausalito pressing the fog toward oakland. redwood city, wood side it's foggy. low clouds and fog when you wake up tomorrow morning. that drops temperatures off a couple of degrees from the daytime highs of today. overnight lows are going to be in the mid-40s. right now it's 50 in santa rosa, 50 in concord. these were the highs from today. warmer than yesterday. highs tomorrow are like i said are going to come down: we're looking at 73 or 74. temperatures trending down. when you wake up tomorrow
10:48 pm
morning, high clouds and coastal low clouds and fog. and then by the afternoon, the fog comes back to the coast like it did today but you still have a will the of high clouds and filtered sunshine. out in the pacific right now. we've got a pretty good sized weather system. it's sitting right up here in the gulf of alaska. this whole area in a long range model is transported or wants to be pushed right over the top of us on the bay area week weekend. so that's the system we're tracking right now. right now the models stick it right over top of us saturday afternoon into sunday. the on shore flow continues, the clouds and low fog continue. temperatures come down a couple of degrees but still a very nice day. that is the weather story. a temperature trend that trends numbers down as this system comes closer. by the weekend it's going to feel more like early march around here than mid-may.
10:49 pm
the weekend really drops off. 68 in concord tomorrow, 79 in fairfield. 70s upper 50s, in santa clara. the five day forecast, if there was some way i could move the rain event or this cool event into like thursday-friday i would do it but we can't. looks like it's going to be an unsettled weekend and cooler than people would want. beta breaker week weekend, a lot of outdoor stuff and this is not what people want to see. >> thank you. back now to developing news we're following at san jose state university where three people were shot tonight. lloyd lacuesta just arrived on the scene and lloyd, what can you tell us? >> julie, let me set the scene for you. this is the tenth street garage here at san jose state. on the fifth floor some time shortly after 8:30 there were reports of gunfire. two people shot have died.
10:50 pm
the third person is in the hospital. he is believed to be the shooter. with me i have pat harris who's the spokesperson for san jose state. can you shed any light on this? >> the first and most important message we would like to get out, the campus is safe tonight. it has been safe throughout the evening. this incident was very contained in that it involved three individuals. two are deceased and in our tenth street garage right now. one person is in the hospital. we're checking on that person's condition. >> reporter: was this a random shooting or was there a relationship between these people. >> everyone involved is gravely injured if not dead. but we do believe that it wasn't random at all. it wasn't a drive by shooting, it wasn't gang related, etc., it was very contained having to do with these three individuals. >> reporter: do we know if they were students at this point? >> we are still checking on the
10:51 pm
identity of the three individuals involved. we will take every precaution no matter what. but especially if it's our students to work with our young people tomorrow, offer counseling, etc. >> reporter: pat harris, spokesperson for san jose. in the garage are a number of cars. classs are class-- classes are just letting out and students who have their car in that garage are not going to be allowed in there until tomorrow. so two people are dead, one person in the hospital no word on his condition yet. and we'll be right back after this short break.
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>> i'm just donating my head for a good cause. that good cause is st. baldricks a nonprofit that raises money for child cancer research. 11 people had their heads shaved today. many of them are walnut creek police. one of the chiefs has a child with cancer. mark is here with sports, i don't know what to say. this is a monumental collapse
10:55 pm
by the sharks. >> it's getting harry i tell you that. a week ago the sharks to do list was short and simple. win one game, go to the western conference finals. tonight a little longer and more complicated. win one game and avoid historic collapse. the score was close but the margin by which they were outplayed wide in detroit. despite being heavily outshot, they managed a 1-0 lead in the third. logan couture manages the replay. and it's 1-0. however the lead was short lived at the wings on the 31st shot will score to everyone it. zeterburg and it's 1-1. they didn't wait long to unbreak that tie. two minutes later it's valapula breaking the tie. they will add an empty nester
10:56 pm
later. all the shark frustrations spill over the net. the series even 3-3. game seven at the tank in san jose thursday and doubt. that is the question. has it set in with the sharks? >> this locker room has been tight all year and it seems to be tight now. it's tough to lose three straight games. but i mean, we're a tough team. walk off teams never routine but the giants don't mind making it a habit. and watching tim lincecum deal another great one.
10:57 pm
cy young-esque. but a no decision. cody ross will just scald it down the left field line scoring easily ford who had pinched run for posey and stole second. giants just a half game out of first. trevor cayhill in the third. and way gone his eighth of the year. rangers lead it 1-0 in the fifth. michael young who is 3-4 on the night sends one to deep right center. he will wind up with a triple and three rbis and the rangers cruise in. anderson now 2-3. the chicago bulls did take care of atlanta to take a 3-2 lead in the nba's eastern semi and that is the sporting life for a tuesday night. >> sharks do or die thursday.
10:58 pm
>> all right, mark, thank you. ktvu morning news begins at 8:30 they'll be following tonight's triple shooting at san jose state. >> you can always find the latest on ktv or with ktvu's mobile app. good night. >> good night.
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